I'm Brandon McGraw, brand and product marketing leader that's created and developed my own iOS apps.

Over the past decade, I've brought to life advertising, brand, and product strategy for Apple, Lenovo, Google, Facebook and now, Twitch. I love telling the human stories behind technology and building connections with communities that gather online around the things they care about. I'm currently the Head of Product Marketing at Twitch, where I've built and support a team of marketers helping people who stream online to pursue their passion, find an audience, and earn while doing so.

In 2011, I moved to New York, taught myself how to write software, and shipped my first app, Landmarks for iOS. The app was born out of my love for New York, an appreciation for history, and a desire to know the story behind the buildings I came across day in and day out. Thousands of people have used Landmarks since and though I left the city in 2014, opening Landmarks still deepens my sense of wonder for the history buried just beneath the surface there.

I hold bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Finance from the University of Miami and live in San Francisco. I enjoy reading books that make me think about the world in new ways, a good run in the morning, taking photos of the places and people I love, and cooking and hosting dinner parties at home with my wife Whitney and our dog, Celine.


Landmarks for iOS
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